Apps You Need in Sri Lanka


  1. PickMe – a locally designed and operated taxi aggregation app which allows you to chose from tuk-tuks, nanos, mini, cars and vans. It’s the Sri Lankan version of Uber – except you pay in cash. The service is super cheap and they don’t have surge prices like Uber. You just need to register to a phone number that can make/receive calls while you’re in Sri Lanka.
    Download on the App Store or Play Store
  2. Waze – with over 100 million downloads worldwide, we already know Waze is great. But it’s especially handy in Colombo with all its protests, roadworks and accidents on the roads. The app is “community-based” so it relies on people reporting incidents, so the more people on Waze the better!
    Download on the App Store or Play Store
  3. Quickee – not an app per say, but a really handy local website (although I wish they had an app!). It’s an online delivery system, which allows you to get almost anything (but not alcohol) to your doorstep in about an hour. Great for days when you forget to pack lunch or if you need a last minute ingredient for dinner. You can order via their website or by calling them (details on their website).
  4. Ikman – the Sri Lankan equivalent to gumtree: buy, sell, trade anything, find rentals and jobs etc.
    Download on the App Store or Play Store
  5. Flip Currency Converter – if you’re like me and continually convert Rs. to your home currency to figure out what you’re actually paying, this will come in handy. Sadly, this is only available on the Google Play store, but there are some great apple alternatives too!
    Download on the Play Store
  6. Whatsapp – I’m sure everyone has heard of this, but this is the most used messaging app in Sri Lanka (in my opinion)
    Download on the App Store or Play Store
  7. ZipSip – delivery wine? Yes, please! ZipSip is another local delivery service who work exclusively with beers and wines, unfortunately, they do not have a hard liquor license so they can’t deliver you gin and tonics just yet. News on the street is that they’ll be importing and delivering cheese very soon!
    Download on the App Store or Play Store
  8. Hola Unblocker – if you miss using your music streaming apps like Spotify, or want local prices on Expedia Hola Unblocker is a great VPN that works on Android. You can launch all your apps via the Hola app and use it from home.
    Download on the Play Store


  1. Wine on demand! Hooray! That is one of my (few) complaints about Sri Lanka. Good wine (or any wine) is very difficult to find.

    I’ve been using “convert” for my currency conversions. (I’m on iphone.)

    Love PickMe. I hope they expand to more areas.


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