Cafe Kumbuk

As delicious as local food is, no expat can live on just rice, curry and “short eats”. Sometimes you want a taste of home, something fresh and unadulterated by spice. Sometimes all you want is brunch and a coffee, and luckily the youth of Sri Lanka together with other expats have established an array new places to dine.

I’ll admit that I frequent Prana Lounge quite often, but have never made it early enough to eat at Kumbuk. This weekend I a slight hangover meant I missed the brunch I was craving at Cafe Kumbuk but I did get to have a late lunch. Prana Lounge is just on Horton Place, and forgive me for making assumptions, but most expats live relatively close to the area. I must say the best thing about Kumbuk has to be the atmosphere, visiting is almost like a mini-break from the craziness of Colombo. When you’re lounging around the cafe you can’t hear the buzzing of tuk-tuks or the horns of buses. It is bliss.

Delicious Veggie Wrap from Cafe Kumbuk


That’s not to say the food isn’t great also! I got a much needed “Perk Me Up” and a veggie wrap with chicken – with fresh crisp veggies (a rare thing in Colombo). A place with food this good warrants high prices but Cafe Kumbuk is so reasonable for the quality of their food! I really wished I had at least tried a coffee but since the breakfast menu looks so good I’m sure I’ll returning in no time. We also found out they have wifi so it seems it would be a great spot to plug in and get some work done.

If there is anything to complain about – it’s that they close too early! I wish they were open for dinner!


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