gallery Colombo Fashion Week 2017

I was hesitant to buy tickets to Colombo Fashion Week. After attending Melbourne Fashion Week, one in Colombo felt sure to be a letdown. But last minute a friend and I decided we would go after all tickets were so cheap it wouldn’t be a huge waste if we left early.

But I am so happy to say that it was actually a great experience to see the Emerging Designer Showcase last night. The event itself seemed a little poorly organised with media and guests entering and congregating in the same spaces, there were no drinks offered and ticketing was confused – in the end, we found a man checking off attendance on his phone. The runway itself was clever, using a walkway overlooking the Hilton’s water gardens and the un-forecasted lighting storm added some dramatic lighting at the beginning of the night too.

The fashion itself was not couture, many of the collections felt similar: loungy, flowy, relaxed, resort wear. Only two of the designers had truly different work – Anushika Perera – with structured pieces. It wasn’t altogether surprising to learn she won last year’s prize, her work was well finished and was a cohesive line.

But it was well worth the Rs.2500 we paid for our tickets – I highly recommend getting tickets to one of the two remaining nights if you can!


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