Moving overseas is a life-changing decision and one that people don’t take lightly. And yet on a whim, I had made up my mind and applied for a job in Sri Lanka. I clicked send on the application and didn’t think about it again until I was contacted for an interview. Even so, it wasn’t until I surprisingly was offered the position that the reality of an island change set in. There are so many things to figure out – Visas, accommodation, finance, transport – before you even step foot in your new homeland. And the issues don’t stop when you land, there are so many things yet to be discovered and to top it off: culture shock.

An island like this may be especially difficult to navigate, with so little government information online, much of what I needed to know was found out through word-of-mouth, or through trial and error. I have learnt to beware of information found through government websites as many are not kept up-to-date and visiting the Sri Lankan embassy in Australia resulted in numerous and vastly different answers. There seems to be only one blog about being an expat in Sri Lanka (Adventures in a Tuk Tuk), which was the most helpful resource I could find.

So in an attempt to help others attempting the trans-ocean migration, I have decided to collate the information I have gathered in my time here.



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